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We like to be flexible when it comes to price, especially for block bookings, but we do have some basic rates for the services we offer.
Our passion is helping local musicians make awesome sounding recordings.
All rates include a studio engineer.


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At The Steelworks we have the right surroundings, the right equipment and the right people to record your creativity and show it off at its best.


Be it band demos, release quality productions, audio books, voiceovers… you name it. We deliver top quality results, a professional environment and a friendly atmosphere which allows musicians to get the best possible result.


Please contact us for a quote.

Have you recorded your material elsewhere but you want to make use of our studio to mix it? Don’t worry, we won’t be offended. 


This is a service we offer that allows you to make the most of some of our amazing studio equipment. Be as involved as you like or simply send us over the audio and let one of our highly skilled engineers take care of it. We use a combination of state of the art outboard gear and digital plugins to create a truly great sounding mix.  


From £48

Trusted by some of the most reknown companies in the UK (BBC, Sky, Minecraft) we are fully equipped to create a professional studio voiceover.


We offer a vast array of audio editing, from noise removal to drum timing and vocal tuning. 

Get in touch for a detailed quote. 


Please contact us for a quote.

Another service we offer, which is often overlooked, is Mastering.


Mastering, if you aren’t aware, is the process that really finalizes your material. It’s a process that ensures that all the hard work that went into recording and mixing your music is really evident when listened to. It ensures that your track is at the correct volume to be commercially listened to and that it always sounds at its best on different types and qualities of audio system.

All prices include VAT.