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How does payment work?

A 50% deposit is due upfront to confirm the booking. The remaining 50% is due on the day of recording. Cash or BACS is accepted. Please note that no files will be released untill payment is made.

What are your hours of work?

The studio is generally open for bookings from 9am – 7pm, 7 days a week. However, we are very flexible and if you wish to record out of hours don’t hesitate to contact us.

Need to cancel/rearrange your booking?

Thats fine just contact us either by email or on the phone. Bookings cancelled within 2 weeks will unfortunately lose the deposit. 

You recorded me a while back, do you still have the files?

Yes we back up all our sessions here and will be more than happy to dig out your files.

Do you offer work experience at Steelworks?

Yes we do! Unforntunatly all our spaces for internships are currently filled.  

What do I need to bring?

If you could bring as much of your own gear as possible that would be great. We can then work together on capturing the sound of your band on the instruments you created the sound with. I want to capture the true sound of your band, so feel free to also bring your own guitar pedals etc. However we have lots of pro gear here which you are free to use.   

Do we need to play to a click track?

Playing to a click track is always advise. We do understand with different genres i.e. Jazz you want the live ambience of the band. However, a click track can be a musicians greatest friend as it makes your band sound much tighter. Metronomes are freely available online or as apps these days, so please practice as much as possible. 

How many songs can I record in a day?

 We do understand that's it tempting to squeeze as many songs in as possible to your recording time but the quality we inevitably suffer. It's best to be honest with yourself if you're looking for professional results rather than Demos years of experience has showed us the following: 

 To record and mix, master to a radio 1 standard  we recommend;


1 song = 2 days,

2 songs = 3 days,

3 songs = 4 days, 

4 songs = 5 days etc.


Please note its more cost and time effective to do a recording of multiple tracks at once due to less time setting up mics and creating vocal tones.

How can we get the best out of our songs during recording?

Know your parts and practice! Know your backing vocal harmonies and guitar solos before hand will save much precious time on recording day. It's obvious that the best way to sound like a great band is to be well rehearsed. The main difference between rookie bands and pro touring  bands is the amount of time they put into the songs. The more you rehearse the better your recording will come out in the end.

I have all my songs recorded. Would you be able to mix them for me?

Of course we can! Just follow the simple steps below . 


  1. Make sure all your tracks are labeled.

  2. Bounce all the track stems out from bar 1

  3. Bounces should all be at 44.1khz, WAV/AIFF, 16bit minimum

  4. Label the song with the metronome tempo 

  5. Include a PDF with reference examples or addition information you would like us to know 

  6. Create a Zip folder and send them across. I.e. Wetransfer/Dropbox.

Once the recording process is finished, what happens next?

After your studio booking your session will than be edited, mixed and mastered. Realistically you may only be in to studio for half your allocated booking.  You are more than welcome to stay and watch. 

Can we connect remotely from a different studio?

Yes, you can. We use skype to establish a connection in which you will hear the direct microphone the artist is using. Perfect for remote producing. See Voiceover page for more info