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Eliot Kennedy is an English songwriter and record producer based in Sheffield. He has worked with artists such as Take That, Spice Girls, Bryan Adams, Lulu, S Club 7, Five, Gary Barlow, Delta Goodrem & The Wanted.
Some of Eliot's most recent work includes co-writing the score for Finding Neverland, the hit Broadway musical, with Gary Barlow.

Click here for the full article from Eliot's Sound on Sound interview with Nigel Humberstone.
Grammy Award winner (‘Never Gonna Break My Faith’ by Aretha Frankiln and Mary J Blige, for the film ‘Bobby’)
Ivor Novello winner (‘Picture Of You’ by Boyzone)
Golden Globe nominee (‘Never Gonna Break My Faith’)
Critics Choice nominee (‘Never Let Go’ by Bryan Adams for the film ‘The Guardian’)